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Baby Care Instructions


If cared for properly, your new baby will bring many years of joy to you and yours.

Most importantly, your new baby is no longer a play doll. He/She needs to be handled very gently. Small children should not be permitted to play with him/her. A good rule of thumb for handling your new baby is that you should not handle him/her in any way you would not handle a real newborn baby.

Your baby should be kept away from extreme heat and cold. Heat is more dangerous for  him/her because  him/her vinyl becomes very soft and pliable when heated and can become warped or even melt. He/She should never be left in a hot car or displayed near any type of heat source.

Baby's hair is hand-rooted mohair. It has been coated with sealant on the inside of his/her head to help prevent it from coming out. Should your babies' hair become dusty, it can be very gently brushed to remove the dust or lightly moistened and brushed. I recommend that when styling you babies' hair you dampen a real baby hair brush to lightly wet and restyle it.  Your baby should be kept away from excessive moisture, which can cause damage to his/her cloth body.

Care should be taken when posing the baby. His/Her arms and legs can be gently posed but should never be forced. Extreme pressure on the seams of his/her body can cause tearing.

Your baby's eyes and eyelashes are sealed in place for protection, but they should not be handled. If  his/her eyes become dusty you can use a soft dry paintbrush to gently remove it.

Never use anything abrasive to clean you doll!! Doing so could result in irreversible damage. I hope you will have a great time with your new baby.

Louise's Babies Nursery  

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